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Suzy Cortez - Model / Actor from Brazil

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Suzy Cortez

Short biography of Suzy Cortez

Susana Cortêz birthday is on May 16, 1990. Her birthplace is in Brazil. She is best famous for the champion of the 2015 Miss Bum Bum pageant and received approximately $22,000 for winning competition. Suzy Cortez is a fitness model, social media celebrity and sports TV host hailing from Campinas, Brazil.

She was interested in fitness since her childhood and her fitness journey started at an early age. Suzy became famous when she began her modelling career. In 2016, she posted a selfie to Instagram mimicking one of Kim Kardashians infamous photos. She wants to eventually star in Hollywood.

She was able to get her figure by hard work in the gym and following a suitable nutrition program. Suzy works out up to three hours every day and will perform up to 300 squats in one session. Her favorite training is running, dancing, and martial arts and uses these training methods regularly to build and maintain her beautiful figure. She focuses on four types of exercise during her workouts donkey kicks, dumbbell squats, Bulgarian squats, and bridges. Her fitness journey led to her starting Muay Thai, listing this as her favorite martial art which is also a way to maintain her phenomenal physique.
Workout she performs often to work on her lower body is listed below:
Legs and Glute Workout
Donkey Kicks
Dumbbell Squats
Bulgarian Squats

She mostly enjoys the vegan cuisine and her favorite foods are fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and soy-based protein foods. Through this, she can maintain her physique while also fueling her workouts. Foods that she eats regularly includes are Fresh Fruit, Fresh Vegetables and Soy-Protein.

Suzy Cortez body measurements:
Brazilian model Suzy Cortez body measurement is 5ft 9 inches (170cm) tall and weighs 62kgs. Her body shape is often described as voluptuous. Her hair is dark brown and eyes are bright green.

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