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Ai Shinozaki

Short biography of Ai Shinozaki

Cute and hot Japanese gravure idol, singer Ai Shinozaki was born in 6 Feb 1992 Tokyo, Japan. Her birthplace is Tokyo, Japan. She is also one of the popular Japanese actress in the Japanese movie industry. She is also known by her nickname Oshino, Ai-chan and Aitin. In Japanese language meaning of Ai is Love in and often titles of her productions are puns coming from that double meaning.

She started modelling in 2006 at age 14 and became popular for having an unusually curvy figure for a Japanese teenager. She regularly appears on the front page of popular titles, such as Weekly Young Jump and Young Animal. Aside from modelling as gravure idols, she has has build her career as a pop idol too. She is a former member of AeLL, a musical idol group. AI has also appeared in tv shows and movies like A Hole In My Panty, Kotsutsubo and The Virgin Psychics. She has been featured in many popular magazines, photo books, DVDs etc.

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- A-G-A-I-N (2015-04-29) Reached 31st place on Oricons Weekly Singles Chart.
- (August 24, 2016) Reached 22nd place on Oricons Weekly Singles Chart.
- M ( 2008, March 26, FOR-SIDE RECORDS ) The Cover of Princess Princesss Famous song.

- Pants Hole THE MOVIE Virginity Loss Rhapsody (November 2011, Jolly Roger) -Starring Narumi Ichinose
- Urn (May 2012, Jolly Roger)-Kaho Saeki
- Time Slip Megane (August 10, 2013, Canter) - Starring Fujiko Hashida
- Alps Jogakuen (September 27, 2014, Canter) - Eri Onozuka
- Kamatoto (October 4, 2014, Canter) - Ai Shinohara
- Tokyo Yamimushi Pandora (April 4, 2015, Excellent Films) - Starring Yui Onizuka
- Everyone! It's Esper! (September 4, 2015) - The role of Keiko, the manager of the bookstore

Photo albums
- START DUSH!! (July 2006, Saibunkan) ISBN 4-7756-0134-2 Photo by Mitsuhiro Mouri
- Bon! Bon! Ai-bomb (December 2007, BUNKASHA ) ISBN 978-4-8211-2688-0 Photo by Ryuuzi Maemura
- Milk-colored love (May 2008, Aquahouse Inc ) ISBN 978-4-86046-114-0 Photo by Takayuki Kozuka
- Okkina Love (May 12, 2008, Gakken Publishing ) ISBN 978-4-05-403784-7 Photo by Shouta Iizuka
- Renai ~Love~ (April 2009, Saibunkan) ISBN 978-4-7756-0388-8?Photo by Sei Kimura Heartiness (Sabra DVD Mook) (November 2009, Shogakukan) ISBN 978-4-0910-3080-1 Photo by Akihito Saijo
- Sakura Saku Toki (May 2010, Saibunkan Publishing Co,Ltd) ISBN 978-4-7756-0479-3 Photo by Koji Inomoto
- Love Scenes: Ai Shinozaki (September 2014, Shogakukan) ISBN 978-4-0968-2096-4 Photo by Akihito Saijo
- Crystal (November 1, 2017, Kodansha) ISBN 978-4063528640 Photo by Akihito Nishikasa

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