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Ashleigh Good - Model / Actor from United Kingdom

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Ashleigh Good

Short biography of Ashleigh Good

She grew up in England and moved to New Zealand when she was 10 years old. I was working in a coffee shop in November and one day I took the bus, which I never, ever do — Im real lazy, and my mum would take me or Id drive myself. I was waiting at the bus stop, and this lady is driving around the block and shes staring at me. She comes around again, and Im like, What is she looking at? And five minutes later, she runs around the corner and comes up to me and Im like, “Ohhh, stranger danger!” But she asks, “Are you a model?” I’m reply, “No ...” And she says, “Come over to my house, we will take some photos.” So we took some photos, and I didnt really do anything [after that]. But in February, she was like, “Lets take some more photos!” So she took some photos and put them on her Facebook page. Two hours later, my now-booker from Ford contacted saying, “We want Ashleigh in New York.” And the week after that, she said, “Ashleighs booked the Givenchy show in Paris as an exclusive.” The next week, I went to Paris. Paris for two weeks, home for a week, and then I’ve been [in New York] ever since.

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