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Anya Monzikova - Model / Actor from Russia

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Anya Monzikova

Short biography of Anya Monzikova

Anya Monzikova (Геннадиевна Монзикова) birthday is on August 25, 1984. Her birthplace is Vologda, Russia. She loved to perform from her very young age. She participate in arts, enrolling in dance classes, modeling school, and performing in her high school theater group, all while acting and modeling professionally. She continued her education in acting by enrolling in extensive acting classes to further her craft.

During her vacation a friend introduced this beauty to a group of young creatives working on a pilot. Anya booked the pilot and stayed in Los Angeles to film. When the show didnot go, Anya didnot give up. She found a place to live, enrolled in film production and theater in college and began hitting the audition scene. It wasnt long till she landed a regular job as one of the Deal or No Deal beauties. Getting her foot in the door was just the beginning.

People Magazine named Anya Monzikova one of the 100 Most Beautiful People in 2006. She has been featured on cover of many popular magazines. She has appeared in magazines such as Maxim, FHM, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Runway etc. She has appeared in movies and TV shows such as Iron Man 2, Surrogate, CSI, Cane, Life and Knight Rider.

Model Anya Monzikova body measurement:
Anya Monzikova body measurement is 5 feet 9 inches.

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