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Laura Lux - Model / Actor from Australia

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Laura Lux

Short biography of Laura Lux

Dj and a model Laura Lux birthday is on August 23, 1984. Her birthplace is in Adelaide, Australia. Her birth name is Ashlee Adams. She started her career from 2010 by creating a social media account on MySpace and later also in other social media. She started posting videos and pictures and her beauty captured the attention of many online viewers and gained large number of followers. She is also popular for her multi-colored hair and outstanding taste for tattoos.

Laura is a quite successful DJ, she has performed in many places including Australia, Melbourne, and Adelaide. She has done many photo shoots and does not bother to show some more of her sexy figure to her fans.

Laura Lux body measurement:
Laura Lux body measurement is 5 feet 8 inches tall in height.

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