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Maisa Kehl - Model / Actor from Brazil

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Maisa Kehl

Short biography of Maisa Kehl

Maisa was born in a small town in Brazil. She is also a skilled dancer in ballet, jazz, samba and salsa. She participated consistently in pageants and modeling well into her high school years. She is a well-recognized international model. She have worked for print, commercial, promotional, video and hosting work.

She had a successful career in the modeling industry at a young age. She moved to the US to pursue higher education & studying International Business. She was also successful in her business career. She decided to choose modeling again. She have also worked for companies like Warner Brothers (Snatchers) and Sundance (Creatures of Whitechapel). She has also been featured in Playboy South Africa, Maxim, Players Magazine, Eve Magazine, Daily Sport UK Magazine, Behind the Shutter, Gladys Magazine etc. She has carried titles such as Miss Brazil International Bikini 2016.

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