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Iskra Lawrence - Model / Actor from United Kingdom

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Iskra Lawrence

Short biography of Iskra Lawrence

British Model, Brand Ambassador, Motivational Speaker and Internet Star Iskra Lawrence birthday is on September 11, 1990. She has unique and curvy figure. Her birthplace is in Wolverhampton England. Iskra and her family moved to Kidderminster, Worcestershire when she was six weeks old. She went to Malvern St. James School and later Bromsgrove school.

During her mid-teens, she became interested in modeling but was rejected by modeling agencies. She was rejected because she was both too big for some and not big enough for plus-modeling companies. Hoping to achieve a body that was deemed as acceptable, she began trying various diets. The diets that Iskra tried only made her feel worse over time. She started posting online and inspire others along the way. Her goal was to encourage both men and women to not let the fitness or modeling industry define how they should look, but instead, to create their own image – just like she did. Later she became a world-renowned fitness model and influencer. She has become an ambassador for campaigns that support a positive body image in women.

Iskra Lawrence body measurement:
English model Iskra Lawrence body measurement is 38-29-44 inches. Her height is 5 ft 9 inches and weight is 88 kg.

Iskra Lawrence net worth:
Iskra Lawrence net worth is $400 Thousand.

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