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Songyuxin Hitomi - Model / Actor from China

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Songyuxin Hitomi

Short biography of Songyuxin Hitomi

Songyuxin Hitomi is one of the hottest, attractive and most beautiful girl in the worldwide. She is a popular model from China. Songyuxin Hitomi birthday is on 7 July 1994. Her birthplace is in Beijing, China. She is also known as Hitomi and is famous as a model, fitness blogger, Internet celebrity. She is a curvy and hot beauty from China. She is the hottest and most beautiful girl in China. She has beautiful tattoo on her body.

She uploaded a video of breaking a watermelon by giving strength to her thighs in the year 2017, which was gone popular on social media. In 40 sec video she sits on the carpet, puts a watermelon on her thigh and breaks it. She is also popular on Weibo.

Songyuxin Hitomi body measurements:
Songyuxin Hitomi body measurement is 5 feet 3 inches (162 cm) tall in height. Her weight is 60 kg.

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