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Mirella Clark - Model / Actor from United Kingdom

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Mirella Clark

Short biography of Mirella Clark

British personal trainer, fitness coach, model and WBFF competitor Mirella Clark was born in 1980. Mirella realized it was not for her after working in huge companies, in the tourism industry for a number of years. Her love for fitness was calling her back into the gym, then move back into fitness full-time and created a successful career out of it. She is the highest profile athlete and is also really hot. Since childhood her life is revolving around fitness and her hobbies were gymnastics, swimming, running, judo and cycling.

After moving to London, she decided to make a huge career change and started prepping for WBFF competitions. At the same time she was training to be a professional coach. Marilla focused her attention on the WBFF in Denmark and in 2013, she won 1st place in the short category, this is when she won her Pro card. After winning her first Pro card, Mirella now works as a coach for other athletes. In her early days, she says she was a cardio bunny but now she uses mainly HIIT to stay lean.

Her breakfast will consist of steak, berries, nuts and will also eat 5-6 meals a day. The protein she eat consist of chicken, lean steak, fish, along with lots of vegetables and good fats.

Weight: 125 - 135lbs (56.7 - 61.2kg)
Height : 5ft 4in (162.5cm)

2013 Denmark WBFF Pro Competitor (Figure) Winner – 1st Place

Mirellas Clark Top 3 Exercises:
Split squats - A great exercise for working your legs and glutes.
Hip bridge - Targets your hamstrings and glutes…what girl doesn’t want a nice rounded booty.
Chin ups - There is something about these that just make me feel strong and powerful. Not only do they work your upper body but target your core too. Everyone should learn to do chins.

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