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Neiva Mara - Model / Actor from Spain

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Neiva Mara

Short biography of Neiva Mara

Neiva Mara is a popular Spanish fitness model known as soyneiva on Instagram. Instagram Star Neiva was born on May 2, 1986 in Spain. She has curvy figure and has accrued more than 2.2 million followers.

In 2015, she began to document her fitness journey and after being unhappy with the way she looked. Neiva slowly started to see progress in the way she looked and within 2 years, Neiva completely changed her physique. and with it, her entire life. Neiva Mara likes to keep herself in a good shape for which she does a variety of training methods such as resistance weight training, cardio and body weight. She likes hamstring kickbacks for her legs, squats, lunges the most and for cardio she likes jog on the beach, interval, to walk.

For nutrition she like eating numerous small meals a day such as grilled chicken breast, egg whites and fish. For carbohydrates Neiva eats mostly complex carbohydrates for the most part, some healthy fats the Neiva likes to eat are mainly avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oils. She also eats simple carbs from time to time around her workouts to help with energy and muscle repair.

Neiva Mara interesting facts:

Weight: 115 - 125lbs (52.2 - 56.7kg)
Height: 5ft 4in (162.5cm)
Bust: 34in
Waist: 24in
Thighs: 34in
Estimated Net Worth: $100K-1M (Approx.)
Birth Sign: Taurus

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