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Amanda Elise Lee - Model / Actor from Canada

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Amanda Elise Lee

Short biography of Amanda Elise Lee

Canadian social media sensation and fitness model Amanda Elise Lee was born on December 13, 1986. Her mother is a gym instructor and personal trainer and she followed her mothers footsteps. Lee became an entrepreneur after launching her website.Ahe recently released her own calendar on her official website.Amanda studiesd in Sarah Lawrence College. After schooling, she joined college where she learnt modern dance which helped her fitness regime and gradually began working out with weights.

Her Instagram account exploded with a million followers that kept adding on over the year. She began posting her photos and videos on Instagram on May 2014 for which her mother encouraged by being her personal photographer. Her fame grew hugely after being noticed by a famous dancer who commented on her post, and tagged her in one of his posts. As the numbers expanded, she began receiving payments for every post as soon as she crossed 100K followers. She also started working as a personal trainer for anyone who wanted it. She also launched her own website as well. Amanda puts her exercising videos on YouTube and footages of herself exercising on Instagram because she wants to help people. She is mostly popular for her lower body workouts. Amanda does squats, step-ups, leg raises, lunges to maintain the current shape of her muscles and also does cardio training. Her flawless figure, voluptuous curves and beauty makes this global fitness figure in the fitness and fashion world.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5ft 4in

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