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Jessica Leahy - Model / Actor from Australia

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Jessica Leahy

Short biography of Jessica Leahy

Australian supermodel Jessica Leahy was born in Sydney, Australia who made her debut at the New York Fashion Week. She has been modeling since she was 19 years old.She got started through a modeling competition that her aunt had tried to get her to enter.
although after the competition was over she didn’t win. A few days later the agency offering the contract said they had received my pictures and wanted to sign her. She never dreamt of making it in the modeling industry, but she was one of those women who were extremely comfortable in their bodies. She is a true believer in the need for a genuine conversation about body types and positivity.
She propagates the need for women to be truly unapologetic and comfortable about their bodies.

height - 5 ft. 9.5in
bust - 41.5 in
waist - 33 in
hips - 42.5 in
hair - Dark Brown
eyes - Brown

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