Nini Amerlise - Model / Actor from Canada

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Nini Amerlise

Nini Amerlise

Portfolio Uploaded: 2015-09-29

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Short biography of Nini Amerlise

Growing up, I always enjoyed being photographed and dressing up in my mother's clothes, which lead to my interest in modelling. I discovered that I had a natural ability, which I embodied and expressed through various art forms, including singing, drawing, dancing, and modelling. I soon realized that I had a particular affinity to modelling, which was very similar to my other artistic aptitudes and endeavours. In my latter adult years, I became a follower of Christ's teachings. The idea of incorporating what I enjoyed to do on a daily basis was very appealing, so I decided over time to take on the responsibility of being a role model as I journeyed on my Christian walk. I would like to be an inspiration to those who want to learn how to present themselves with humility and at the same time feel classy and confident about themselves. Ultimately this will help others to grow into the understanding that God created them-beautifully and wonderfully made! Finally, I would like to encourage you to feel comfortable and confident about the way God made you.

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